This is Dercum's Disease (also Dercum Disease or Adiposis Dolorosa), first identified by Francis X. Dercum, a neurologist in Pennsylvania, in 1892, and bears his name. The disease is characterized by painful fatty tumors and/or fatty deposits. The tumors can be encapsulated or the fatty deposits can be diffuse.


Dercum first described in 1888 (1) a group of signs and symptoms that now bear his name, Dercum’s disease (DD). Of note here is that Dercum’s disease is more of a syndrome than a disease (because it has several clinically recognizable features, signs,

The disease is characterized by painful fatty tumors and/or fatty deposits. The tumors can be encapsulated or the fatty deposits can be diffuse. Some believe that Dercum's Syndrome is an umbrella term for a whole host of health problems with unknown cause/cure. My first awareness of this syndrome came from a woman in Alabama who related to symptoms I experienced for many years related in a page on my website.

Dercum syndrome symptoms

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Headache. Absence of menstruation. Bruises. Reduced sweating. Reduced skin sensitivity.

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fedtknuder med blodkar. Hyppigst lokaliseret til arme, ben, krop, underliv og balder. Risk factors of dercum’s disease.

Dercum syndrome symptoms

Nov 4, 2014 Croker was diagnosed in 1999 with Dercum's disease. Croker's first symptoms appeared in 1996, when she woke up one morning and was 

Dercum syndrome symptoms

Dercums Disease has lots of symptoms, but most of them are not visible. It is one of those diseases, that … F. X. Dercum: A Subcutaneous connective tissue dystrophy of the arms and back, associated with symptoms resembling myxoedema. University medical Magazine, Philadelphia, 1888-1889, 1: 140-150. F. X. Dercum: Three cases of hitherto unclassified affection resembling in its grosser aspects obesity, but associated with special nervous symptoms, adiposis dolorosa. Dercum’s disease mainly occurs in adults with more women affected than men and it is often seen in women who are overweight or obese. Signs and symptoms typically appear between the ages of 35 and 50.

Being a simple form at first, it may become rathe Cushing’s syndrome occurs when your body makes too much of the hormone cortisol. Learn about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of Cushing’s syndrome. On this page: Cushing’s syndrome is a disorder that occurs when your body makes t After a head injury, many people experience symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and mood changes as long as a year after the accident. A pattern of several… What can we help you find? Enter search terms and tap the Search button.
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Kronisk (>3 mdr) smerte i fedtknuder (lipomer), der kan være. små, runde og velafgrænsede. små eller større, mindre velafgrænsede.

This syndrome consists of four cardinal symptoms: (1) multiple, painful, fatty masses; (2) generalized obesity, or another fatty tissue disorder, such as lipedema (3) weakness and fatigability; and (4) mental disturbances, including emotional instability, depression, anxiety, and epilepsy. Dercum's Disease and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome are both debilitating conditions, affecting one's overall life quality. These diseases don't have a cure yet but there are therapies to help alleviate the symptoms.
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Dercum's disease causes extreme weakness including: muscle stiffness or pain, shortness of breath, joint pain, easy bruising, or bone pain, all of which can worsen progressively or with physical activity. Dercum's disease can also cause mental instability, anxiety, memory loss, …

Symptoms are asthenia, headache, frequently amenorrhoea and ecchymoses; diminution of sweating. Mental depression and deterioration have been observed in an appreciable number of these patients. He first described the group of signs and symptoms that are characteristic of the disease in 1888. Dercum’s disease is a syndrome of painful growths in subcutaneous fat which can occur anywhere Adiposis dolorosa, is an outdated term for many years used synonymously as Dercum's disease, lipedema or Anders disease.

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Additional symptoms may occur in individuals with Dercum’s disease including fatigue, generalized weakness, a tendency to bruise easily, headaches, irritability, and stiffness after resting, especially in the morning, gastrointestinal symptoms, palpitations and shortness of breath.

Know the types, causes, symptoms, treatment, pathophysiology, epidemiology, prevention and prognosis of Dercum’s Disease or Adiposis Dolorosa.