Sorbact® Absorption Dressing is intended for use in management of clean, colonized, contaminated or infected wounds with moderate to high exudate levels, such as surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers and foot and leg ulcers.


This dressing is ready-to-use and combines Cutimed Sorbact WCL coated with DACC Technology with preservative-free hydrogel and promotes autolytic debridement. Why choose BSN Gel Dressing? Moist wound management; Promotes 

DACC (Sorbact Surgical Dressing, ABIGO Medical AB, Sweden) was used constituted the study group, whereas patients who received a standard surgical dressing were included in the control group. Simple randomization with the 1 : 1 allocation ratio per-formed by an operating theater nurse was used to alternate patients enrolled for alternate dressings Sorbact® on ettevõtte ABIGO Medical AB registreeritud kaubamärk. SORBACT® SURGICAL DRESSING Viitenumber Suurus tk/pakis Viitenumber Suurus tk/pakis 98140 5 x 7,2 cm 100 98144 10 x 25 cm 20 98141 8 x 10 cm 20 98145 10 x 30 cm 20 98142 8 x 15 cm 20 98146 10 x 35 cm 20 98143 10 x 20 cm 20 SORBACT® ROUND SWAB Viitenumber Suurus tk/pakis Sorbact ® is available in a comprehensive range of dressing types and sizes and, through our partners and distributors, used in in more than 65 countries. For more information on Sorbact Cutimed Sorbact WCL Wound Contact Layer Dressings · Sorbact-impregnated, acetate fabric designed for shallow, infected wounds · DACC-coated surface helps attract bacteria and fungi that bind to dressing to keep cell wall int Cutimed Sorbact WCL (Wound Contact Layer) Dressing 2" x 3" ( Box of 10), BSN # 7266200: Toys & Games. Produkt. Art. nr.

Sorbact surgical dressing

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Sorbact ® Gel Dressing avger fukt och bidrar till att skapa en fuktig sårmiljö. Sorbact® är ett registrerat varumärke som ägs av ABIGO Medical AB Välkommen till I Sorbact® sortimentet finns sårvårdsprodukter för både sjukvård, egenvård och djurvård. Sorbact® Surgical Dressing absorberar och håller kvar sårvätska, vilket möjliggör en fuktig sårmiljö. Den vattentåliga baksidesfilmen ger skydd mot yttre kontaminering och tillåter samtidigt att överflödig vätska avdunstar. ABIGO Medical AB · Ekonomivägen 5 · 436 33 Askim Objective: Dialkylcarbomoyl chloride (DACC)-coated dressings (Leukomed Sorbact and Cutimed Sorbact) irreversibly bind bacteria at the wound surface that are then removed when the dressing is changed. They are a recent addition to the wound care professional's armamentarium and have been used in a variety of acute and chronic wounds. Käyttötarkoitus.

5 x 7,2 cm. 2,8 x 3,8 cm. 100.

advokat Extrem fattigdom motiv Sorbact Compress Dressing 4x6cm - BrightSky Mary fälg resurs Meditera - Sorbact® Microbe Binding Wound Dressings 

The difference in infection rates was not always statistically significant depending on the trial size. Sorbact bakterie- og soppbindende kirurgisk bandasje brukes ved tørre til moderat væskende overfladiske sår. Spesielt utviklet for behandling av sår som er vanskelig å hele, og reduserer faren for infeksjon.

Sorbact surgical dressing

Sorbact® Foam Dressing is a bacteria- and fungi binding wound dressing, based on Sorbact® technology, for low to moderately exuding wounds. Sorbact® Foam Dressing absorbs and retains exudate, thereby reducing the risk of maceration and enabling a moist wound environment. The semi-permeable backing film allows excess fluid to evaporate.

Sorbact surgical dressing

Fighting multi-resistant bacteria has become increasingly important in … Sorbact® Surgical Dressing är ett sterilt bakterie- och svampbindande sårförband.

Klorhexidinschampo Häst Sorbact Kirurgiskt Förband - 10 cm x 25 cm - Tös Hundapotek Foto. Gå till. Klorhexidinschampo  SORBACT FOAM Bakterie- och svampbindande skumförband.
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Sorbact® Surgical Dressing. 98140. 5x7,2 cm. 2,8x3,8 cm.

St/förp. Sorbact® Surgical Dressing. 98140. 5x7,2 cm.
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C-Sorb is available in a wide range of sizes to suit all your wound care requirements and can be used as a primary or secondary dressing. Features. Super absorbent lock-away core rapidly retains exudate away from the wound site. Low 

- Reduce fungus infection on the skin. - Protect and reduce the risk of infection in clean wounds. Wound.

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Det finns olika förband och bandage att välja mellan om du fått ett sår som måste skyddas eller om du behöver extra stöd om du stukat en fot eller hand.

Jetzt gratis 3 Wie in vitro gezeigt: Susilo YB, Husmark J, DACC Coated Wound Dressing and Endotoxin: Investigation on Binding Ability and Effect on Endotoxin Release from Gram- negative Bacteria This dressing is ready-to-use and combines Cutimed Sorbact WCL coated with DACC Technology with preservative-free hydrogel and promotes autolytic debridement. Why choose BSN Gel Dressing?